Running-Day dreamer to Day reality

Hey! Friends, I am apurav Singh from Jaipur and I am 30 yrs old a marketing professionals.
My story cover my whole day dreamer to day day reality.
I always uesd to run in my school days but due to studies and job schedule i couldn't able to even think of running again. One day I participated in running event and I saw old person, disabled person, school kids and many more challenged people who were running passionately. Then my inner soul forced me that, if they can run then why wouldn't"I"???
On that day, i decided to run a full marathon one day and it will become happned on this comming father day i.e 21june'20.
Initial, i ran 3 kms, 5kms but slowly and keep practicing i used to ran 10 kms, 15kms. And on last year at father's Day I ran my first half marathon with weight lost of 7 kg in 20days with workouts and diet.
Now, i am passionate runner, who used to run every morning when ever I used to travel.