My Running Journy

"Running is my passion and this is something that keeps me positive, calm and energetic for the whole day - Says 39 year old, Ram Kumawat.

Ram started his running journey with the third season of cairn pink city half marathon in 2018. He won a cash prize of 3100 Rs in 5 k category. He got motivated for fitness and thereafter never looked back. 

His morning routine includes waking up early in the morning and going for a long run afterwards. apart from running he is into yoga also and his personal best timings are- half marathon - 01:52. 10k - 0:46:33. 5k- 0:22:00. 

Ram has participated in more than 25, 10k and 5k.
In his words: After starting a complete fitness regime, my thoughts are completely changed. Running has given me recognition and a lot of friends also. Running is my 'Me Time' that nobody can steal from me. 

"Magic is not in finishing the run but in the courage to start. So keep running and stay fit." - is his message to the people.