Running is like a Addiction

Sunil Grewal

“Running is like an addiction to me, It is an obsession with challenges and sometimes it feels more challenging than anything else in this world” - Says #Sunil_Grewal an IT Engineer by profession lives in Gurgaon.

Sunil Grewal had an Unadorned problem of Lower Back Pain and Doctor suggested him to start doing exercise regularly. On this recommendation, He started his running journey just 11 months back and participated in a 5KM running event. That’s the time when he felt that addicted to running and since then there is no looking back. He has participated in more than 15 running events in just 11 months and is surely a motivating figure for beginners. 

Sunil is a staunch supporter of a fitness regime and has been a pacer too. He has participated in the Monthly running challenge also that helped him in staying consistent in his running journey. In his words: Sometimes it means running on the edge of your mind’s limits, balancing them with those of your body. But I promise every step is worth it in the end.

"I run because I can. It makes me feel strong, empowered, free, and happy. Nothing seems impossible. Nothing is unattainable." - is his message to all.