#100 Days Of Transformation & Endurance

Hi..I  am Ankit Tiwari..Working as customer service professional & running since October'17

Suffering from severe Anklosing Spondylitis because of which there is restriction in movement & doing normal day to day work also

One of My close friend Mr Kapil took me into running , he motivated me  & also made me join runner's club from where I got all marathon details. Aside was very much inspired to see the runner's story which made me push into doing marathons & gradually increasing my Km's

Till date have completed successfully 10 marathon event & now able to complete 10Km’s run with ease.

Hundred Days Of Running Challenge Journey:

 Through running group I came to know about HDOR challenge which requires high determination, energy & endurance also staying away from junk food & late night parties. From that day I set my target to complete 100 days what may come so as to test my endurance, discipline & determination.

My planning was to had average 3Kms per day running b/w 1-15 days so as to develop endurance & pace also get adapted to daily running, later increased the km’s & set the target to achieve in 100 days around 4.5-5kms daily average.

Faced challenges like doing running when I was out of Jaipur, extreme heat & rain…had to ensure that I do not miss a day so sacrificed family time & parties to adjust the same in running hrs. Suffered knee injury, bruises & pain in back but still not stopped.

Because of determination have successfully completed 100 days clocking 444 Km's which is a achievement I will never forget in my life & now looking forward for more such events

HDOR chal