100 DOR experience

Rajesh Kaushik 39 years old from pink city Jaipur Rajasthan.
I would like to share my experience of this fantabulus journey of running.

I m a person from sales field and going on tours are regularly in my job, due to this trevlling I used to eat maximum time hotels and restaurants foods and my lifestyle was not appropriate,

I used to go for some walking and playing cricket usually from last many years but it was not enough as getting weight day by day and lezy also due to my job and lifestyle.
Then I came to know about running through one of my friend cum brother sunil gour who has started running from January 2017. He has motivated and inspired me a lot for this awesome activity called running,

I have weighted myself in Feb 2018 which was 93kg. And with that inspiration I started running from 5th Feb 2018. I started slowly and my pace was around 9minutes/km in starting. I have participated my first 10k and completed in 1hour 13 minutes that was my first one. I m really surprised to see that I have completed that. 

I have enrolled myself in 100 days of running challenge and found initially will I make it ?? But yes with the support of regular guidelines from our group pink city ultra runners and slogan #ruknatohhinahi# I can do it. I have successfully completed today 99days and completed 563 km.
100 days of running has helped a lot of making habbiet formation of running. 

And now I have a feeling inside that if someday for whole day I have not ran I feel I have missed some very important activity for the day. 

Till now I reduced my 12 kg weight now I m 81kg, and I feel like 25 years of