Run for your Fitness

Last 2 years back I had never thought of running however staying fit was always on my mind. In the Vidyadhar Nagar stadium ,sitting with my son i was watching someone running continuously for 30 mins and he seemed to enjoy it. The moment the stranger finshed his run I walked up to him and discovered the joy of running. That was the turning point of my life, Vijay Shekhawat the stranger runner not only motivated to me run but helped me to give my best in all marathon I took part till date. We are very good friends now.With  6 half marathons, 2 full marathons and one 71kms ultra run my running journey is full of learning .
It was not an easy journey; however I can’t look back now as I have many miles to run before I stop finally.
 Sleeping early  ,waking up early , running, sweating, pains , minor injuries , exploring new places to run, new friends, new thoughts, beautiful morning,surfing Google for running technique, stretching exercise,  only running related post on FB and a sense of achievement. My life changed completely for better . I am a person with strong determination, I never stop when I am tired, I only stop when I have completed my run target. Crossing FINISH line is always very emotional moment for me, where I thank God for allowing me to RUN. While running I feel I am constantly interacting with GOD and feel I on top of this world.
Running is like another feather in my cap. My message to all is that Run for yourself, stay healthy and enjoy your healthy life with family and friends !!